Soooo… a lot of terrible things happened this week. In order to skip the very obvious one that happened today, we’re going to refrain from commenting further here (but yes, we’re seriously bummed and angry too)…

Check out our top weekend dancefloor recommendations below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also visit our calendar for the full list of what’s happening. Hasta el dancefloor…

Friday, January 20
Saturday, January 21
Sunday, January 22
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January 2017. We just can’t even. More news and features and a 2016 wrap-up are coming, but unfortunately not this week… (One quick PSA: Seems the authorities have been giving some of our favorite venues a hard time… so be aware and check the latest on the respective club’s/promoter’s/artist’s social media before you head out the door or from one destination to the next to be sure things have not moved or shut down. We’re keeping our fingers crossed things will improve, but for now, heads up… Sigh.)

We invite you to check out our top weekend dancefloor recommendations below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also visit our calendar for the full list of what’s happening. See you on the other side…

Friday, January 13
Saturday, January 14
Sunday, January 15
More at the full calendar here.
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We made it through to 2017… and it’s kinda more of the same, right? Nevertheless, we hope you had as excellent of a NYE as we did: HUGE thanks to the stellar staff at Trans-Pecos, the amazing artists who played (Patrick Russell, Willie Burns, Amourette, Maroje, and Facets), and all the dancers who brought super good vibes from start to finish! We think it was our best NYE party yet! (Although the party’s over, the Q&As each DJ did for us are still worth a read!)

Unfortunately, we heard that a few NYE events didn’t have such good luck and were unexpectedly shut down by the authorities for a range of “excuses.” You’ll likely see a lot less “secret location” parties in the coming weeks — it remains to be seen how our underground music community will adapt if this becomes the status quo…

The first week of January being what it is, we have been unable to fulfill our promise to get our list of 2016 favorites up (yet), but you can have a listen to some sonic superiority in Our Favorite 80 Tracks of 2016 list. We also hope to resume our regular news updates next weekend.
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We attempted to shortlist our favorite releases from 2016… and still ended up with 80, refusing to scale down any further. Have a listen to some amazing stuff you may have missed this year…

1. Sfire – Sfire 2 (Kris Baha ’86 Remix) [Emotional Especial/Cocktail D’Amore]


2. Eskimo Twins – The Fridge Click [Beachcoma]


3. Pixelife – Chimeras in the Matrix (Tronik Youth Remix) [Samo Records]


4. MR BC – Parenchyma (Unisex Audio Club Remix) [Sub:Sonic Records]


5. MIJO – ‘Merica

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For our fourth annual NYE party, we’ll be ringing in the new at one of our favorite spots, Trans-Pecos, with some of our favorite DJs: Grab advance $25 tix now and read on to get better acquainted with our super talented lineup for the night: Patrick Russell (The Bunker New York), Willie Burns (WT Records), Maroje (Remedy), Amourette (Remedy), and our resident Facets (Samo Records)…

Photo: Seze Devres Photography

Name: Patrick Russell

Neighborhood: Bushwick, Brooklyn


Twitter: @ptrckrssll


Instagram: ptrckrssll


Best thing that happened in 2016:
Playing The Labyrinth Festival in Japan

Worst thing that happened in 2016:
Too many to list, but the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland hit closest to home

The track I played out the most this year:
Kirlian Camera: “News (Room 506 Edit)”

My favorite NYC place or party to play this year was: 
10-hour set at Market Hotel for The Bunker/Unter

My favorite NYC-based label was:
The Bunker New York

My favorite NYC-based radio station was:
The Lot Radio

My vote for NYC’s hottest DJ this year:
Very tough, so much talent here… but personal favorite would have to be Ken Meier

Record I’m most likely to drop on NYE: 
Spoilers… :)

In 2017, I’m most looking forward to:
Getting to see more of the world

My New Year’s resolution is:
Spread positivity and make more music

Trend I predict will be big in ’17:
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Time to bid adieu to 2016 (thank god)… If you haven’t decided where to spend the last hours of this year and/or the first ones of 2017, we’ve got some strong suggestions for you. 1. presents NYE 2017 Lineup: Patrick Russell, Willie Burns, Maroje b2b Amourette, Facets Hours: 10pm-4am Location: Trans-Pecos, 915 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens Cost: […]

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Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or just having some time off from work, we hope you and yours have a fantastic holiday season. We’re skipping the news this week due to being busy compiling our 2016 best-ofs, New Year’s Eve party guide, and more (all coming next week), plus we’re getting ready for […]

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In spite of the hectic nature of this week, we’re a bit light on dancefloor news… (However, Movement’s 2017 Phase 1 lineup was released… and it looks pretty great.) We’ll have our year-end lists and NYE guide up soon, but, in the meantime, we’d like to remind you that New Year’s Eve is just TWO […]

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We have a lot to get through after this rollercoaster week, so let’s get right down to business: Our hearts are heavy and our thoughts are with the friends and family of the 36 victims of last weekend’s Ghost Ship fire tragedy, who included musicians, artists, and other vibrant members of Oakland’s diverse community. Among […]

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Decision, decisions… The first weekend of December is positively slammed with parties to please even the most discerning music lovers. We’re gonna skip the news this week and save space for the long list of events you need on your radar, but quick shouts to The Lot Radio, who were awarded Best Online Radio Station […]

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