Although we try to keep this site (and our corresponding social media accounts) pretty updated all year long, everybody needs a break at some point, and we’re going semi off the grid through the next two weekends… So, while we originally planned to do a few weeks’ worth of posts, emails, etc., in advance, time didn’t cooperate. However, we do have a pretty jam-packed calendar that we invite you to check out — we may be missing a few things that hadn’t been announced at press time, but you’ll still find a lot of awesome options for the next few weeks. Hasta luego, NYC, and we’ll be back on our usual schedule in April!

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The realization has finally sunk in that… WE SURVIVED WINTER! The mood in NYC considerably and collectively lightened this week, as we all could finally leave the house pain-free (and, at times, miraculously coat-free) and walk around without wiping out on some black ice — not too much longer to hold out until the days of boats and beaches and rooftops return!

This week’s updates of note:

Below are our top picks for where to dance in NYC over the next three days below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also check out our calendar for the full list of what’s going on. Catch you under the glitterball…
Friday, March 13


Saturday, March 14


Sunday, March 15


More at the full calendar here.
Are we missing your favorite party? Hit us up here:
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We can’t even with this week, and we’re pretty sure you’re feeling the same. Whether or not it happens, the weather forecast calls for 60-ish degree temps and no snow next week, so we’re clinging to the hope that we’re nearing the end of this nasty winter… (Remember to change your clocks this Saturday — we’re losing the hour, but gaining more sunlight every evening… and spring starts in two weeks, bringing us so much closer to the carefree NYC days of chilling on rooftops, partying on boats, drinking nutcrackers at the beach, etc.)

A few quick updates before we get down to business:

So, Bossa is STILL closed, as is TBA Brooklyn… However, we caught a glimmer of hope from TBA’s Facebook account this week:

Fingers crossed for reopening news soon! Continue reading »

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With mere hours left in February, we’d like to invite you to look forward not only to the (probable) higher temperatures of March, but also to its amazing-music-packed nights. (And hey, Memorial Day weekend is now less than three months away!)

Before we get down to the best places to dance this weekend, we wanted to thank those of you who braved the nasty weather last Saturday to come out to our shindig at The Graham to dance to selections by Berlin’s super talented Franz Underwear (Slow Motion Records), No Frills locals Keith Edward and Raphael Ernesto, and, of course, our resident Facets. Speaking of Facets, he just made a stellar mix for Brooklyn Bass — listen and download via Soundcloud below.

Facets Brooklyn Bass podcast February 2015

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In the spirit of hastening the next week toward the promise of spring, we’re keeping it short again this week. We are also very stoked about our party tomorrow (Saturday) night at The Graham: We’ll be playing host to Slow Motion Records’ Franz Underwear, in town all the way from Berlin, along with No Frills’ Keith Edward and Raphael Ernesto; our resident Facets will, of course, be on the decks as well. No frills, no cover, no bullshit, and a ton of stellar vibes to keep the dancefloor nice and toasty. You don’t wanna miss this one! Continue reading »

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We’ll be keeping it on the short side this week, since not a whole lot of good news to report and the mid-winter blues have arrived (on the positive side, most of us have a long weekend, and there’s that lover’s celebration thing tomorrow…). Worth mentioning: Bossa is STILL closed, which means a few of [...]

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Your Weekend Starts Here (Feb. 6-8, 2015)

We have, sadly, returned from the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen to the filthy-snow-covered tundra known as Brooklyn… While we missed a lot of great music last weekend, we still managed to find some pretty excellent DJ sets in PDC (our former stomping grounds circa 2010). Don’t let the hype fool you: While there [...]

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First off, thanks to all who danced with us in the Bad Room at Good Room last weekend! We hope you enjoyed the sets from Man Power, James Friedman & Facets as much as we did, as well as the great stuff going on in the other room courtesy of DJ Qu and A.Arias. Watch [...]

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Another monster NYC weekend looms ahead (and we’re not talking about the “weather event” threatening to “pound” us with a couple of inches of snow… don’t worry, it’s not going to ruin your Friday-Saturday-Sunday plans). Before we get into all of your top options for the next few days, a few items: As we mentioned [...]

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After possibly the longest week in history, having a three-day weekend is mighty appreciated. If you’re one of the lucky ones with no work on Monday, take note of some pretty special parties happening Sunday night and make the most of your bonus hours. Two quick programming notes: On the downside, Bossa Nova Civic Club [...]

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