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With the beginning of 2013 marking our first official birthday, we thought it was only right to pay a bit of tribute to ’12 by looking back at the sounds, places, and people that made our ears happy and our dancefloors sweat-tastic. We decided to ask some of the most influential people in NYC’s dance music scene to share their last-year favorites, as well as their hopes for the coming 12 months.

Kicking things off is Aurora Halal, visual artist extraordinaire and mastermind behind the highly successful Mutual Dreaming parties. 2012 proved a huge year for her, touring Europe with both Ital and Steve Summers and organizing tons of amazing events back home in NYC. With last Friday’s massive PPU Video Party at 285KENT, Aurora’s already started ’13 in a big way — look out for lots more killer events, as well as some eagerly anticipated solo records from her later this year.

Name: Aurora Halal

Neighborhood: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Label: Mutual Dreaming


Twitter: @aurorahalal


In 2012…

The best thing that happened was: Touring Europe twice! June with Innergaze and Steve Summers and October with Ital doing live A/V

I was most proud of: Successfully flying in so many of my favorite underground out-of-town artists and bringing out a big open-minded crowd for them

The best track to play out was: Omar S Presents Colonel Abrams: “Who Wrote the Rules of Love (Shadow Ray Remix)”

The best track to play outside of a club was: Anything by Actress

My favorite NYC DJs were: Jan Woo, Ron Morelli, Lori Napoleon

My favorite DJs outside NYC were: Traxx, Beautiful Swimmers, Andres, the list goes on…

The best live set I saw was: So hard to choose! Container, SFV Acid, Svengalisghost, D’Marc Cantu, Slava, Ital…

My favorite NYC party was: Mutual Dreaming

My favorite NYC record store was: Dope Jams

My favorite NYC radio station was: Irradiance Cache

My favorite NYC-based label was: L.I.E.S.

In 2013…

My New Year’s resolution is: Step it up with bigger acts/bigger risks/even crazier parties

I’m most looking forward to: My warehouse party at a new venue March 1 with Dez Andres, Anthony Naples, and Magic Touch. And Feb. 8 I’m bringing James T Cotton, with Bookworms and Entro Senestre!

The up-and-coming DJs or producers I have highest hopes for are: Terekke and Huerco S — the deep & strange afterhours vibe

My wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene is: Keep doing its freaky thing

Musically, I plan to: Make a few solo records.

 01/06/2013  Features, News