In our continuing “2012 in Review” series, we asked some of the major players in NYC’s dance music scene to reminisce about the year that was, and also to share their wishes for 2013.

Next up in the Q&A chair is Dan Arlein, better known in NYC music circles as DJ BLT. With residencies at favorite Brooklyn spots like Trophy Bar (Legwarmers) and Tandem (Party Line), among others, Arlein consistently throws down a helluva party, usually bringing some of NYC’s finest house and disco talent along with him. (He’s also got some of the best flyers we’ve ever posted.) Catch him in action at Tandem with DJ Chupacabras (Fender Bender) this Saturday!

Name: BLT (Dan Arlein)

Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn



In 2012…

The best thing that happened was: Being fired from my job

The weirdest thing that happened was:I keep thinking garbage on the ground is really dead animals

The thing that bummed me out the most was: Being fired from my job and having to clean up after my studio parties

I was most proud of: Starting the Party Line party at Tandem, being able to live off unemployment, selling records online, and DJing

The best tracks to play out were: Theme from The Warriors, Love Can’t Turn Around

My favorite NYC DJ(s) were: All my friends at once!

My favorite DJ(s) outside NYC was: Derek Plaslaiko

My favorite NYC producer/musician(s): All my friends at once!

The best live set I saw was: ¡¡¡Sycorax!!! Professor Genius, Pure Horsehair, Phillip Glass, Bang on a Can, Gregorian chant in an old catherdral in Seattle

My favorite NYC venue was: Tandem

My favorite NYC party was: Legwarmers

My “secret” spot was: My kitchen

My biggest pet peeve about going out in NYC was: Lack of options

The worst trend was: Flakes in the City

My choice for late night, post-gig food was: Tina’s

Best drink: Soda water with bitters

My favorite NYC record store was: A-1

My favorite NYC radio station was: WKCR during Bach fest

My favorite NYC-based labels were: L.I.E.S., W.T., Golf Channel, Lectric Sands, and Acute Records

In 2013…

My New Year’s resolution is: To floss more

I’m most looking forward to: Doing great work!

The up-and-coming DJ or producer I have highest hopes for is: Me

My wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene: I would like more folks to cross paths out on the floor: Artists, music nerds, queers, freaks unite! U.N.I.T.Y!

Musically, I plan to: Keep making edits and work on drum programming

 01/29/2013  Features, News