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As our look back at 2012 continues, we asked some of the most influential people in NYC’s dance music scene to share their last-year favorites, as well as their hopes for the coming 12 months.

Our next round comes from veteran NYC DJ/producer Dan Selzer, the multitalented man behind parties like Dazzle Ships, Transmission, and Alldisco, as well as head of post-punk reissue label Acute Records, frequent radio show host, music writer, and, most recently, proud owner of his own print shop. In spite of his busy schedule, we’re hoping to hear a lot more from Selzer in ’13.


Name: Dan Selzer

Neighborhood: Woodside, Queens

Label: Acute Records



Websites: and

In 2012 …

The thing that bummed me out the most was: Not enough chances to DJ

I was most proud of: Starting up my print shop and printing several LP and CD covers

The best track to play out was: “Inspector Norse” (Todd Terje), “It Goes On” (Storm Queen), early ’80s Simple Minds

The best track to play outside of a club was: Anything by Bill Nelson

My favorite NYC DJ was: Tropical Jeremy

My favorite DJ outside NYC was: Twitch

My favorite NYC producer/musician was: Morgan Geist

The best live set I saw was: Einstein on the Beach

The up-and-coming DJ or producer I have highest hopes for is: New York Endless/Danergy/Myself

My favorite NYC venue was: Tandem

My favorite NYC party was: Tiki Disco

My biggest pet peeve about going out in NYC was: Shitty sound systems

The best trend was: Young people dancing…

The worst trend was: …to boring DJs

My choice for late night, post-gig food was: Sammy’s Halal (73rd and Broadway, Jackson Heights) chicken and lamb over rice combo

My favorite NYC record store was: Heaven Street or Co-Op 87

My favorite NYC radio station was: WFMU

In 2013 …

My New Year’s resolution is: To write more music

I’m most looking forward to: Finding regular income

My wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene is: More eclecticism and less trend-hopping

My prediction is: Same as it ever was

Musically, I plan to: Make more music

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