In our continuing “2012 in Review” series, we asked some of the major players in NYC’s dance music scene to reminisce about the year that was, and also to share their wishes for 2013.

Our next look back comes from Jify Shah, the man behind Williamsburg’s Cameo Gallery (93 N. 6th St.), as well as its sister restaurant/bar, Lovin’ Cup Cafe. After helping to run the venue as part of a team for several years, 2012 saw Shah take the business’ reins as he became sole owner. Small changes (a more eclectic food menu up front, a bigger emphasis on dance music in the back) have already taken place, and some gamechangers are definitely in the works for 2013. (Among some of the enhancements in progress are the opening of Cameo’s basement in the form of a lounge/club, creating a separate entrance for the venue, and further changes to the restaurant.)

Over the past few years, Cameo has cultivated an intimate home for NYC’s dance music community, playing host to an impressive array of artists and parties, such as: Joakim, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Midnight Magic, Matias Aguayo, Pachanga Boys, Ivan Smagghe, Andres, Blondes, Tim Sweeney, Ron Morelli, Escort, Wolfram, Jacques Renault, Justin Miller, Kaviar Disco Club, Juan Maclean, Let’s Play House, Fixed, Brooklyn Bass, Discography, and so many more. Stay tuned for all the big happenings coming up, including some nice dancefloor action from the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Mighty Mouse, and TURRBOTAX.

Name: Jify Shah

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Twitter: or


In 2012…

The best thing that happened was: I now own Cameo Gallery and more TBA

The weirdest thing that happened was: I own Cameo Gallery and more TBA

The thing that bummed me out the most was: Actress had a visa issue and tentatively postponed his only NY show at Cameo Gallery

I was most proud of: Crafting a new food menu for Lovin’ Cup and introducing polenta fries!!

The best track to play out was: “Time” by Pachanga Boys or “Shera” by Daniel Maloso

The best music to play outside of a club was: Benoit & Sergio

My favorite NYC DJs were: Jacques Renault, Tim Sweeney, and Ron Morelli

My favorite DJs outside NYC were: Rebolledo, Superpitcher, Todd Terje, Joakim, and Benoit & Sergio

My favorite new producer/musician was: Daniel Maloso

The best live set I saw was: Midnight Magic

My favorite NYC party was: Beats in Space 13th anniversary parties

My “secret” spot was: Walter’s

The best trend was: Disco/house parties

My choice for late night, post-gig food was: Polenta fries

Best drink: Hot bourbon cider

My favorite NYC-based label was: Let’s Play House

In 2013…

My New Year’s resolution is: To party more

The up-and-coming DJ or producer I have highest hopes for is: Evan Michael (Brooklyn Bass)

I’m most looking forward to: The new basement lounge/club at 93 N6th

My wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene is: To keep getting bigger and bigger… It’s about the music, after all

 01/17/2013  Features, News