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In our continuing “2012 in Review” series, we asked some of the major players in NYC’s dance music scene to reminisce about the year that was, and also to share their wishes for 2013.

Next up is Nik Mercer, best known for heading up — along with Jacques Renault — Let’s Play House Records and its related disco/house parties. With the label boasting releases from the likes of Bicep, Runaway, Midnight Magic, and Slow Hands, and the events having hosted heavy-hitters like Horse Meat Disco, Tiger & Woods, DJ Hell, and Morgan Geist (Storm Queen/Metro Area), Let’s Play House has built a rock-solid reputation over the last four years or so for being one of NYC’s most consistently high-quality dance music “brands.” 2013 looks to be another big year for LPH, with tons of parties in the works (like bringing HNNY and Jacques Renault to The Woods on 1/24 and co-hosting a massive event on 1/26 with The Dog & Pony Show at Le Poisson Rouge featuring 6th Borough Project, The Revenge, Mark E, and more) and a pretty jam-packed release schedule.

Name: Nik Mercer

Neighborhood: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Label: Let’s Play House Records





In 2012…

The best thing that happened was: This is tough. I don’t really have a specific response. I think that being able to finally live my dream of owning and operating a record label ― that’s been pretty damn special.

The thing I was most proud of was: I’m going to have to be vague again and just say making LPH work. That and acquiring and accumulating the chops required to make the thing run smoothly.

The best track to play out was: Really hard to choose! Candi Staton’s “Hallelujah Anyway” is a peak-hour banger. Anything by Bicep. All the Dead Rose Music Company shit we released. I was nuts for Los Amigos Invisibles and Dimitri From Paris’ “Glad To Know You,” and blown away by the Ray Many dub. The list goes on…

The best track to play outside of a club was: If we’re sticking to dance music, man… I’ve been enjoying the Force of Nature mix for Endless Flight. The Lindstrøm LP. Session Victim. I’m nuts for the Jessie Ware full-length and enjoy the Solange EP. And everyone seems to adore the Frank Ocean thing… I’d consider myself one of those people.

My favorite NYC DJ was: I think I’m obliged to say this, but it’s also how I sincerely feel ― Jacques Renault.

My favorite DJs outside NYC were: Bicep, Matt Edwards… way too many to list, though.

My favorite NYC producer/musician was: Brennan Green, though it’s really hard to name favorites. Doug Lee [Lee Douglas] isn’t here anymore, but I love him, too.

The best live set I saw was: I skimped on live sets this year, but, as always, Tiger & Woods killed it, so they’re probably my #1.

My favorite NYC venue was: Presently, I don’t really have one. Sad but true.

My favorite NYC party was: Let’s Play House, of course!

My choice for late night, post-gig food was: Pizza tends to be my go-to, but I don’t have any specific spot I’m loyal to.

Best drink: Anything with gin, really. That’s my go-to.

My favorite NYC record store was: Co-op 87, I suppose.

My favorite NYC radio station was: East Village Radio, I guess, but I’m not much of a radio listener.

My favorite NYC-based label was: LPH Records!

In 2013…

My New Year’s resolution is: It’s not really a resolution, but I’m eager to keep expanding LPH in 2013. We have some incredibly exciting stuff coming up!

The up-and-coming DJ or producer I have highest hopes for is: montel or HNNY.

I’m most looking forward to: March 22. That’s all I’ll say.

My wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene is: That people focus more on quality and less on quantity. A saturated market isn’t good for anyone.

 01/14/2013  Features, News