Sifting through the vast amount of stellar 2014 releases to compile our faves was no easy task. While we’re sure we’ve inadvertently admitted dozens of other worthy tracks, we can safely say the following were all on repeat for us this year. In no particular order, we present you with our 30 favorite tracks of the last 12 months.

  1. Daniel Avery: Knowing We’ll Be Here (Kink remix) (Phantasy)
  2. Kasper Bjorke feat. Tobias Buch: Rush (Brynjolfur remix) (Hafendisko)
  3. In Flagranti feat. Sal P: High Pitch (Whatever Whatever remix) (Codek)
  4. Man Power: Velvet Arms (edit) (Correspondant)
  5. Harry Bennett: Ponytail (CCC Recordings)
  6. Tronik Youth: Edible Thoughts (Eskimo Twins remix) (La Dame Noir)
  7. Willie Burns: Lost in the Clouds Again (Permanent Vacation)
  8. Caustic Window: Squidge in the Fridge (Rephlex)
  9. Leisure Muffin: Heldscalla (The Bunker New York)
  10. Pixelife: Waves of Titan (Pittsburgh Track Authority remix) (Throne of Blood)
  11. New York Endless: Scale Those Heights (Golf Channel)
  12. La Roux: Uptight Downtown (Midnight Magic mix) (Polydor)
  13. Todd Terje: Delorean Dynamite (Olsen Records)
  14. Tony G: Simple Dreams (Young Marco mix) (Infinite Juju)
  15. House of Spirits: Holding On (Jacques Renault remix) (Beats in Space)
  16. Rodion: Medusa (DJs Pareja remix) (Roccodisco)
  17. Heretic feat. Justine: Insurrection (Relish)
  18. Holy Ghost!: Okay (a/jus/ted remix) (DFA Records)
  19. Aurora Halal: Hazy G (Mutual Dreaming)
  20. Man Power: Hula (Correspondant)
  21. Pink Skull: My Other Feet Is My Car (Balcazar & Sordo remix) (My Favorite Robot)
  22. Andre Bratten: Trommer Og Bass (Correspondant)
  23. Richard Norris: Freaks (Throne of Blood)
  24. Gavin Russom: Telemetry (Entropy Trax)
  25. Genius of Time: Juno Jam (Running Back)
  26. Demian: With Love & Voodoo (Pink Skull mix) (Clouded Vision)
  27. Bot’Ox: Goodbye Fantasy (Moscoman remix) (I’m A Cliche)
  28. Hardway Bros: Legato (Throne of Blood)
  29. Jacques Renault: Akron (Let’s Play House)
  30. Dynatron: Cosmo Black (Milan Records)
 12/30/2014  Features, News