With no less than five examples of excellence in video released in the past week, we felt compelled to share them with you. Even better, most all of the artists below call New York home (which means we are a bit spoiled when it comes to chances to hear them play live or DJ).

Joakim: This Is My Life

We figure the director, Fafi, herself can describe it best: “Obsessed by our everyday vision surroundings, ‘This Is My Life’ hacks your laptop and takes control in a big bordello standing between Joakim’s real life and stunt fantasy.” Look for Joakim to “embody” various pop culture icons from the last 30 years or so, from Bruce Lee to General Hospital‘s Luke Spencer.  (Personal favorite: Joakim as Jean-Claude Van Damme in the dance scene from Kickboxer.)

Director: Fafi | Buy

Catch him next at Fixed’s 10-year anniversary party at Output on Friday, 11/21


Lemonade: Orchid Bloom

Alternating between blurry-zooming city scenes and hazy, sun-drenched beach clips, “Orchid Bloom” looks like the NYC summer most of us had (or, per beach part, maybe wished we had). Brimming with neon surreality, the noirish video perfectly counterbalances Lemonade’s shimmery dance track.

Director: Lil Internet | Buy

You missed their last gig with Yelle on 10/10, but we feel pretty sure you’ll be able catch them back in their NYC stomping grounds (if not live then DJing) soon.


Kasper Bjorke: Marbled Blood

More an optical illusion than a video production, Bjorke’s latest clip offers a hypnotic audiovisual trip you won’t be able to pull away from.

Director: N/A | Buy

Catch him next in The Panther Room alongside Gerd Janson and Justin Miller on Friday, 10/31.


Eli Escobar: NY SO HI

Not only is “NY SO HI” Eli Escobar’s first video, it’s also the first release from the new Night People NYC label he launched with Lloydski and Blu Jemz (Escobar’s fellow DJs/partners of the long-running party the label’s named after). Shot at the last Tiki Disco party (Escobar’s other party with Lloydski and Andy Pry) of the season, the video offers a fast-forward through just another crazy day in the legendary life of Tiki (yes, you will likely see some familiar faces).

Director: Blu Jemz | Free Download

Catch him next at Dark Disco’s Tiki Disco Halloween party on Friday, 10/31.


Tiga: Bugatti

“Wild and weird,” “heavily inspired by ’80s winter sports,” and “like a Wes Anderson movie on techno and acid” — yes, these things are all true of Tiga’s latest video. We say it is like nothing you’ve seen before and pretty goddamn awesome. Calling it now: Video of the year.

Director: Helmi | Buy

You just missed him at Verboten on 10/17, but watch this space for his next return to NYC.


BONUS LATE ADDITION! Pixelife: Waves of Titan

The day after we posted our list, Pixelife released this excellent, trippy accompaniment to the first release from his new Throne of Blood EP. Both the video and its deep, late-night house grooves come courtesy of the multi-talented Sean Dack, who also produced all of the videos from Jokers of the Scene’s recent “End Scene” full-length.

Director: Sean Dack | Buy

Catch him for Brunch.FM at Jify’s this Saturday.

 10/29/2014  Features, News