Hester Street Fair Opening with Tom of England

When: Back to Calendar » 04/15/2017 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Where: Hester Street Fair
Essex St & Hester St
New York,NY 10002
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More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1827808524151536/

Hester Street Fair is back for our 8th Season and we’re kicking it off with a day of $3 Bronx Banner Ales, good vibes & our favorite local vendors in food, design, art, craft, & vintage.

A special full day with musical director Tom of England

Returning Vendors, who started at Hester Street Fair:

Macaron Parlour is back for its 8th season, Macaron Parlour was started in 2009 when Simon and Christina met and began selling their delicious macaroons that expand beyond traditional flavors at Hester Street Fair. Today, they have a retail location in the East Village and Upper West Side, as well as a Meow Parlour, a cat cafe on the Lower East Side. Simon and Christina embody the Lower East Side small business success story and they are not to be missed!

Osaka Grub is unique Japanese fast food started at Hester Street Fair. They now have a permanent location at the Essex Street Market. They will be serving karage (Japanese fried chicken).

Don Don NY started just last year and launched out Hester Street Fair, Don Don serves up delicious OG Japanese curry and katsu. A huge hit, this dynamic team is worth seeing and the food worth tasting!

CMYLOOK this collaborative company between clothing designer Enkyu & artist photographer Tomm Roesch are undeniably favorites from HSF Season 7. They turn a booth into a fabulous world combining their love of vintage finds & small batch mega- unique handmade linen, denim, & heavy canvas clothing.

New Seasonal Vendors:

NYture Natto x Chiso NYC – Chiso NYC, created by artist, writer, chef, and musician, Kiki Kudo, packs a perfect bento box in a circular jar. Chiso NYC will be served in collaboration with NYture Natto, the first NYC created and nurtured traditional Japanese comfort food made of cooked whole soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis bacteria.

Pilot Kombucha was started in 2015 by a chef and a foodie with the goal to bring gut health hedonistic by making an accessible, delicious functional beverage, crafted and served in NYC.

Vibe is debuting this year at Hester Street Fair, Vibe is mindfully handcrafted natural gemstone necklaces on silk. Each one is adjustable from choker to 30″ in length and comes on a beautiful recycled paper card containing information on the featured gemstone’s meaning.

More seasonal vendors will be featured in the weeks to come!

Vendor Lineup (complete list)
Bang Cookies, BreadxButta, C bao, Campfire Canoli, Candysnacks, CMYLOOK, Creek & Fellow, Crepe Factory, Don Don NY, Fairyland Amigurumi, Filigree, Fresh Chocolate Mousse, Happening Inside, Hometown Bake Shop, Hu is Hungry, Jaded Royalty Jewelry, JamJamsJam, JazEaz Designs, Knot of this World Pretzels, Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop, Macaron Parlour, Mama Lam’s, Metal Mingle, NIC FIT, NYture Natto x Chiso NYC, Osaka Grub, Pels Pie, Phyla | Art, Nature, History, Science, Pilot Kombucha, polly + esther, ScalcoSweets, Strike Gently Co, Thaibird, The Shoe Must Go On!, The Urban Larder, Trendy Treatz NY, Vibe., Wisco Fresh

The Hester brand is known for its highly curated selection of NYC’s artisanal fashion, art, design, jewelry, crafts, music, and food vendors. By bringing together a high quality, wide range of cutting edge entrepreneurs and under-the-radar brands, Hester creates buzzworthy artisanal experiences that are unique to Manhattan and unavailable in other parts of the city. Our vendor selections represent the unmatched diversity, unique talent, and abundant creative spirit that sets New York City apart. The Hester experience is about bringing the community together. It is family friendly and open to all, yet stylish and exclusive enough to appeal to discerning foodies and in-the-know shoppers who come to check out the latest trends. Described by the New York Times as a “hyperlocal block party,” The Hester brand brings a connection to community and a vibe that is cool, cozy, and familiar.

Every weekend, the Hester Street Fair draws Lower East Side locals, families, and tourists. We drew more than 11,000 people on this year’s opening day and continue to draw thousands of people every weekend. 75% of our roster is from the local community, and all goods are either handmade or owner collected with an emphasis on unique specialty items. We have maintained our place as the most affordable artisanal street fair in the city, allowing for vendors experimentation in branding and product creation. The space has become a launchpad for a diverse group of entrepreneurs looking to build their brands and bring ideas to life.

Our first Grub Street Food Festival, was attended by over 13,000 visitors

The Hester Street Fair has a roster of hundreds of carefully curated vendors, small business owners, artists, makers, etc.