Kingdom of Yes with Walker & Royce

When: Back to Calendar » 02/04/2017 @ 10:00 pm – 02/05/2017 @ 4:00 am
Where: House of Yes
634 Wyckoff Ave
Wyckoff,NJ 07481
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Hear ye, Hear ye! A Royal Proclamation is abound!
The Ice Queen is hereby the crowned ruler of our castle, our winter and our hearts! Long live the Ice Queen!

All loyal subjects of the Kingdom of Yes are hereby beaconed forth the celebrate in joyous merriment to gather for the coronation to be held in his honor on the blessed day in the 2017th year on the 4th day of February. Behold! Our ice covered splendor and frozen fancies in the hallowed halls of the hottest Knightclub in all the land. Behold! The Snow King shall reign cold-hearted and hot-bodied bringing sparkle to all! Behold! The royal princes and princesses shall flirt and frolic, seeking suitors for future thrones! May our cups overfloweth with the finest wines and potions on this day, in this year, and may the Royal Family of Ice reign forevermore!

We insist that you don your whitest, bluest, brightest cloth in the shades of ice, snow, crystals and cold. Don thy fakest furs! Prance beneath the fullest of moons in a cold celebration of hot and heaving royal dances, jousting, juggling, foolery, and magic. Expresseth thy truest self! It’s a Snow Ball of her Excellency!

Knights! Shine Thy Armour! do prepareth for the royal winter games and to help with the royal honor of ridding the land of heat dragons and save all the faithful from the dungeon of despair.

Damsels! Untangle Thine Lace! do prepareth to win the tokens and favors of princes and princesses alike amidst this, the unprecedented celebration of courtly love!
Dragon Queens! Be gone! Go back from wence thou came, you are without welcome in our land!

Wizards, trim thine beards! Cast your spells! Wingle your wands about!
// Musical Merrier Provideth By Our Finest Disc Jocket Minstrels //

Long Live the Kingdom of YES!