Metamorph: Ossia (live), Cera Khin, VTSS (live), Via App & more

When: Back to Calendar » 08/12/2017 @ 9:00 pm – 08/13/2017 @ 8:00 am
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Ossia (live) [Young Echo / Blackest Ever Black / BH / UK]
Cera Khin (US Debut) [Noods Radio / DE]
VTSS (live) (US Debut) [Oramics / Behind The Stage / PL]
Via App (live) [BANK Records / NYC]
Shy Eyez [Noods Radio / NYC]

*This party is BYOB*

Visuals & Lighting by: Lucid Studios

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Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires.

With three international artists and two US Debuts, your time will be spent at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn. The event is BYOB, so bring your drink of choice. Contribute to the community bar if you wish. We are supplying ice, mixers, White Label Yerbe Mate, and ice bins for beer. Ticket holders will receive the location day of the event.

Ossia (Bristol)

When it comes to the next generation of heads shaping the UK’s contemporary dub and electronic scenes, Ossia is high up on the list of the marshals of the vanguard, through running a range of record labels and being a member of Bristol’s Young Echo Sound.

His own skewed, drenched-in-dread interpretation of the dubwise aesthetic and his unhinged take on soundsystem culture are a big part of his understanding of music. Always seeking for a sonic that builds on tension and release, guttural and cerebral meditations on low-end pressure and a heady conveyance of his self-styled sound palette, which can draw from all angles and directions, take U-turns, sidesteps and confident crash landings…

Ossia flirts and abuses with the tactile and analogue aspects of live performance. He tempers the analogue and physical aspects of musical interaction, tension and suspense playing an equal part to the final sum in Ossia’s live shows, forming a cohesive concoction to the final impact of each thundering release. The steam rolling aftermath of dread atmospherics and tripped out ambience. With a restrained internet-policy and a dubplate-ethos that favours tricks and surprises over complete transparency, you can rest-assured that most of his productions and treasured exclusives are kept under wraps only to be unveiled in live or DJ sets.

Cera Khin (Berlin) – US Debut

From Berlin via Tunis, Cera Khin has quickly made a name for herself as a selectress that can find the finest thread between disparate sounds, connecting the dots between modern club & experimental music as well as musique concrète, dub & dancehall styles in an effortless way.

Bored of mindless club-attitude, Cera is not afraid to take her spirited approach to the dancefloor, and she has been invited to play at Berlin’s finest parties as well as respected international events such as Bristol’s Young Echo Sound and Milan’s Macao venue, to name a few.

She also transmits her unique style and selection via her monthly residency on the airwaves of Bristol’s Noods Radio, as well as guest appearances on London’s NTS Radio & Rinse FM, Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio, The Hague’s Intergalactic FM and local stations Cashmere and Berlin Community Radio.

VTSS (Warsaw) – US Debut

VTSS is a Warsaw-based DJ and live performer. She is a resident of polish Behind The Stage crew, who organizes events and hosts a podcast series focused on the experimental and industrial side of Techno music.

She is also a part of Hamburg based Othercult crew and co-founder of Oramics project, which aims to empower women in electronic music.

In her expressive DJ sets and raw distorted live acts she oscillates around Techno, Industrial, EBM and experimental music.

Via App (NYC)

Unconventional techno artist Via App has made a mark on the burgeoning Brooklyn electronic scene since arrive in the borough in 2014. Using an unexpected combination of dissonant sounds which combat the traditional ideas connected to techno dance music, Via App creates soundscapes which keep fans on the dance floor, but challenges them with music that pushes the limits in terms of how techno is suppose to sound.

Growing up in the American South, Dylan Scheer escaped the isolation of South Carolina through the electronic post punk, 90s Midwestern performative experimental/noise, trip-hop and IDM she discovered online and developed a techno psychosis she unleashes in her music. Scheer emerged as Via App in Boston in 2012 while living in one of the city’s most-legendary DIY venues before migrating to Brooklyn a couple of years later. Since moving to Brooklyn, she has entrenched herself as one of the most intriguing, interesting and divergent artists in the city’s exhilarant electronic scene.

Via App’s has several official releases, but it is her live presence which has kept the scene enthralled. App’s raw emotion and ability to provoke thought and demand attention from audiences creates evolutionary and ground-breaking live experiences which push techno beyond its limits to a new canvas where experimental music unlike any other ever heard can live.

Shy Eyez (NYC)

Between her biweekly happy hours at Bossa and her monthly residency at Bristol’s Noods Radio, Shy Eyez is in the booth more often than not.

Between her bi-weekly happy hours at Bossa and her monthly residency at Bristol’s Noods Radio, Shy Eyez is in the booth more often than not. Recent gigs include Discwoman, Confused House and GROOVY GROOVY, with appearances on the Lot Radio and WNYU as well as a guest mix for Berceuse Heroique. Drawing continual inspiration from the many DJs she makes a point of seeing behind the decks, as well as the numerous radio shows she religiously follows, her DJ sets span countless genres—from techno to breakbeat to experimental U.K. dubstep and beyond.

In addition to DJing, she recently ventured into booking dnb/bass/breaks/non-4-2-the-floor-techno talent for her party series, BreakZ—which has already hosted sets from Matrixxman, Dieselboy and Batu.


Currently engaged as one of a small ring of “party controllers” under the collective Xiao Ma, VVEISS delivers DJ sets that unpredictably traverse techno, house, trap, industrial, noise, and drone, all strung on a taut thread of brutalism. In live performance, VVEISS utilizes voice as an instrument of infinite versatility and nestles the sound into computer-generated compositions and improvisations at the intersection of tuning and timing.