Modular Equinox: Mark Verbos & Sean Dack, Matthew Azevedo & Jonas Bers, and more

When: Back to Calendar » 09/26/2015 @ 8:00 pm – 09/27/2015 @ 1:00 pm
Where: The Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn,NY 11206
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Matthew Morandi and Nathan Cearley curate this latest installment of the modular synthesizer series and continue to develop the connections between sound and image.

Mark Verbos & Sean Dack
Matthew Azevedo & Jonas Bers
Mike Sidnam, Lily Jue Sheng & Antonia Kuo
John Also Bennett, George DeMoura & Ginny Benson
Chris Penalosa & Sean Julian
Benton C. Bainbridge

DJ sets by Jahiliyya Fields

The Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave
J/M/Z to Myrtle Broadway
UFO to 40.6942° N, 73.9186° W

All ages

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///Mark Verbos & Sean Dack
\\\For the second time, life long electronic musician, engineer and synth builder, Mark Verbos and fine artist, electronic musician and analog video manipulator, Sean Dack team up for a live improvised ambient, noise, trip and techno A/V senses assault.

///Matthew Azevedo & Jonas Bers
\\\Matthew Azevedo’s long-running Retribution Body project combines live-patched modular synthesizers and a custom subwoofer array to create music that straddles the boundary between sound and vibration where patches are built and destroyed in a mandala-like cycle of creation and destruction. His latest LP “Aokigahara” was released on Type Recordings in 2015.

In Jonas Bers’ recent process, obsolete video equipment is modified for use as performance instrumentation through interaction with a homebuilt modular synthesizer. Functions of discarded equipment intended for post-production editing are automated in realtime to project synchronized monochromatic patterns and pseudo three-dimesional geometric environments.

\\\Expressions in Experimental Industrial Spirituality? Mere scratchings at the small door in History? Simply, the modern contemporary creative music of Lance Simmons.

“the lantern walks around
the walls of this house have tongues
even this bowl has its own true home”

///Benton C. Bainbridge
\\\Benton C Bainbridge performs cool noise and hot video with Mungo and Jones modules and a FLIR thermal camera. Synaesthesiology!

///Mike Sidnam, Lily Jue Sheng & Antonia Kuo
\\\Lily Jue Sheng and Antonia Kuo make expanded cinema, creating immersive optical chaos from geometric photograms, oscillating lights, macroscopic pixelations, and collage cut-outs. They collaborate with Mike Sidnam, a musician in NY– “It sounded like whales dying.”

///John Also Bennett, George DeMoura & Ginny Benson
\\\Video art genius Ginny Benson joins her audio reactive VHS skills to John Also Bennett (Forma, Seabat) and George DeMoura’s (Earthmasters, Total Reality International) modular practices. John and George have collaborated in the past as slime detective (rip) and in various duos and short lived “bands”. The two join forces once again with sounds inspired by various other viscous liquids.

///Chris Penalosa & Sean Julian
\\\Chris Penalosa and Sean Julian are an audiovisual duo that began in a living room in Queens. We use two 35mm projectors with carousels filled with found slides.