Synthicide with Rendered, Philipp Strobel, Andi & Xiorro

When: Back to Calendar » 07/16/2017 @ 11:00 pm – 07/17/2017 @ 4:00 am
Where: The Gateway
1272 Broadway
Brooklyn,NY 11221
Tags: Andi Philipp Strobel Rendered Synthicide The Gateway Xiorro

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// Haujobb, Architect, DSX

RENDERED is the relatively new collaboration between Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect) & Clément Perez (14Anger), both veterans of their respective genres spanning early 90s EBM and darkwave to more recent destructive techno releases. With EPs out on both a+w and Fleisch, the duo offers up harsh, abrasive techno. Myer will play under the RENDERED alias.

Philipp Strobel
// [aufnahme + wiedergabe]

As the head of the prestigious Berlin-based label aufnahme + wiedergabe, Philipp Strobel curates an aggressive mix of all things dark including EBM, industrial and techno.


As the DJ and promoter of SYNTHICIDE, Andi expertly channels the doom, gloom and boom into dancefloor mayhem.

// A L K H E M Y