Youandewan with JDH & A Running Melody + SIREN

When: Back to Calendar » 07/29/2017 @ 10:00 pm – 07/30/2017 @ 4:00 am
Where: Good Room
98 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn,NY 11222
Tags: A Running Melody JDH Siren Youandewan

More info:

Good Room presents…
Youandewan (Aus Music)
A Running Melody (Alan + Andrew Blancato)
SIREN all night long in the Bad Room
Darshan Jesrani (Startree/Metro Area)
Dennis Kane (Disques Sinthomme/Ghost Town)

Free with RSVP before 1AM –

Tickets are $10 without RSVP

Youandewan is Ewan Smith, a DJ and producer who has quietly but consistently gone about forging his own tender brand of deep house. He has been doing so since 2009 and most recently settled on this label with tracks that are shy but seductive, and full of both motive and emotive forces. ‘There Is No Right Time’ is a listening album which proves that deep house done well needn’t be reserved for the club. It’s a vulnerable and musical work that stays with the listener long after the final chords have dissipated. This album stays true to that narrative, but sees Ewan finding his feet with his most accomplished and elegant work to date. Much of the music was sketched out during a wintery Berlin three years ago. Having left London, hungover from a breakup, Smith found himself broke and secluded in an apartment for four months. All this lent the music he wrote a melancholic vibe; one that nods to the lonely nature of the job and to the darker side of constant partying and all that comes with it.

He’s making his Good Room debut on 07.29 and will be joined by Fixed‘s JDH & A Running Melody. SIREN are in the Bad Room with
Darshan Jesrani & Dennis Kane celebrating the release of their new EP ‘Lulu’. The EP includes remixes from SIREN, Daniele Baldelli and Marco Dionigi.