Turntable Massive with Boris K, Max Barabas & Dino Calvao

There certainly is a lot going on tonight, but we’d like to draw your attention to an event worthy of your time: Turntable Massive is a newish disco-house-funk party that features a mostly rotating cast of veteran and up-and-coming DJs playing all the stuff that keeps the dancefloor happy. This week’s roster includes Boris K, Max Barabas, and Dino Calvao: It’s free (and we hear there are some drink specials early on), so pop in and check it out — the mixes below should give you a nice taste of what’s in store. All the details are here.

Check the gbnyc calendar for more on future Turntable Massive parties (the next one is already set for Friday, May 11).

Boris K’s latest mix:

Max Barabas’ latest mix:

Dino Calvao’s latest mix:

 05/04/2012  Listen/Watch, News