Check out what we’re listening to this month:

1. Dark Strands – Slide (Inigo Vontier Mistic Mix) (Nein Records)


2. Jacques Renault – Psyched Up (Sisterhood Remix) (Let’s Play House)


3. Pin Up Club – Beat Nympho (Emile Strunz Remix) (Nein Records)


4. Timothy J. Fairplay – The Cat Prowls Again


5. Gemini Brothers – Eridu Eridu (Duncan Gray Remix) (Tici Taci)


6. Heretic – Pollux (Andrew Weatherall Japanese Import Mix) (Nein Records)


7. Joe Lentini – Cult Curry (Someone Else Remix) (Infinite Juju)


8. Aurora Halal – Death of Real (Mutual Dreaming)


9. In Flagranti – Double Talk (Original Mix) (The Playground)


10. Earl Grey – Anytime (Have a Killer Time)


11. The Galleria – Calling Card (Razor Dub) (Environ)


12. Trevor Jackson – Lumiline (The Vinyl Factory)


13. Mark Verbos – Just A Little Late (The Bunker New York)


14. Chupacabras – Volvere (Go! Finger)


15. Faze Action – Magic Touch (Dicky Trisco World Premier Dub) (FAR)


16. Tim Schumacher – Ruhrbrandung (Basement Floor)


17. Jori Hulkkonen – Italian Love Affair (My Favorite Robot)


18. deep55 – Talk to Frank (White Rabbit) (Love Tempo Records)


19. Duncan Gray – Proper Bogan (Kezokichi & Teniente Castillo Remix) (Play Pal)


20. Shura – White Light (Gabe Gurnsey Factory Floor Remix) (Polydor)

 07/24/2015  Features, Listen/Watch, Lists, News