The video for “Off the Wall,” the new single from Yuksek’s “Living On the Edge of Time,” has to be one of the most hypnotic things we’ve seen in awhile. Directed by Romain Segaud, the clever use of mirrors and visual tricks makes for a fascinating treat for your eyes — and the catchy song is, of course, pretty amazing too. (Mesmerized? Check out this making-of clip.) With the release of a video like this and a super-solid album of electronic pop, Yuksek could be well on his way to a well-deserved, long-overdue commercial breakthrough worldwide.

Some stellar “Off the Wall” remixes have also recently surfaced, among them this one from the legendary DJ Harvey:


And this one from Yuksek’s occasional Krays partner Brodinski:


And to top it all off, you can catch Yuksek at Le Bain on March 18 (pretty sure it’s a DJ set, as most Le Bain appearances are, though all fingers crossed for some proper live dates in the U.S. later this year — if you’ve ever seen Yuksek singing and playing many instruments live simultaneously, you know exactly what I’m talking about … the dude is mega-talented to be sure).


 02/28/2012  Listen/Watch, News