In one of the most unconventional yet inspiring videos we’ve seen in ages, Adam Bainbridge — better known as Kindness — does more talking (and probably dancing) than singing or instrument-playing while subtly and simply conveying the joys of pop music to a young lad, as well as to the viewer. Already a huge favorite due to a stellar debut album (“World, You Need a Change of Mind”), Kindness will be bestowing a most beneficent gift on NYC tomorrow (Thursday, May 17) when he makes his live debut with full band at Fixed at le Poisson Rouge. The show is undoubtedly going to be something extra-special: Perhaps described best by Dave P, Kindness’ live show is “a 7 piece band with vocals, keyboards, live bass, guitar, live drums, electronic drums, and 2 female backup vocalists that sounds like everything that is rad about the past, present and future of music.” Whoa. Tezeo and JDH/Dave P will also be playing. Get all the info you need here, and grab tickets before it sells out!

 05/16/2012  Listen/Watch, News