Modeselektor at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Modeselektor shows are not mild affairs — which, natürlich, probably comes as no surprise if you’ve heard their music. The Berlin duo (comprised of Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert) have been consistently delivering an electrifying assault on ears and ears during their live sets, and last week’s Music Hall of Williamsburg gig (the first of two NYC area gigs, the other held at Bowery Ballroom) was no exception.

Launching immediately into a glorious trip that incorporated dramatic beats, dazzling lights, and dizzying visuals (which at times incorporated their now-famous monkey motif, which represents their Monkeytown Records label), Modeselektor maintained a strong connection with the crowd throughout the set, even though the few words spoken were delivered through some type of voice modulator. The pair manage to inject a bit of humor into everything they do, including spraying the audience with champagne at the probable peak of the set.

The last couple of times I caught them live, I missed “Kill Bill Vol. 4,” one of my favorite Modeselektor tracks, so I was pretty damn excited to hear it make the cut that night. Other standout tracks included the newer “German Clap” and “Pretentious Friends,” the latter of which was incorporated by on-screen text, presumably transcriptions of hilariously awful douchebag speak. The set’s lengthy encore ended on a more elegantly low-key note with “A New Error” (one of their songs as side project with Apparat, Moderat).

While there was no element that compared for me with the prior Music Hall show in 2010 (at which one of their performance artist friends arrived onstage clad in ill-fitting briefs, sunglasses, and, if I’m not mistaken believe, tight boots to display then discard large cue cards bearing random messages one by one), the high energy performance and its accompanying stunning visual effects were still extremely satisfying.

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 04/23/2012  Listen/Watch, News