Of all the U.S. festivals announced in ’14, the one we’ve been most excited about is Moogfest, Asheville, NC’s five-day electronic extravaganza taking place from April 23-27, 2014. Touted as an event “where technology, art, and music converge,” the festival boasts an abundance of innovative programming, from daytime talks, panels, workshops, and installations, to nighttime performances from a diverse roster that includes both legendary and up-and-coming electronic music artists. With the likes of Kraftwerk (performing their 3D show, in three different sets), Giorgio Moroder, Chic, Pet Shop Boys, Flying Lotus, and Moderat headlining and the bonus of a picturesque Blue Ridge Mountain setting in a thriving arts community, Moogfest 2014 was pretty much a no-brainer for us. If you haven’t jumped on it already, there’s still time to plan your trip! Check out our travel tips here.

With hometown heavy-hitters like Blondes, Audion (Matthew Dear), Slow Hands, Teengirl Fantasy, The Crystal Ark, Metro Area, No Regular Play, and Escort also making the journey to Asheville this year, we know we’re not the only New Yorkers excited about this year’s Moogfest.

“I saw Bob speak in ’95 and it made a huge impression on me,” says Gavin Russom, who is playing a “full ensemble, full color, full volume!” live set with his band, The Crystal Ark, as well as a four-hour solo all-Moog synth concert. “I’m a ‘synthusiast,’ and the first analog synthesizers I ever ran across were Moogs, in pawnshops and stuff in the early ’90s when few people were seeking them out.” He continues, “I like the way they’ve structured the festival a lot,” name-checking Don Buchla, Hieroglyphic Being, Kraftwerk 3-D, and Forest M Mimms III as his own most-anticipated speakers and performers at this year’s Moogfest.

Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani was similarly influenced by Bob Moog, “but I didn’t know it was the Moog sound until later. His characteristic sound is all over everything, but I didn’t really know where it came from until I played with a Minimoog for the first time. For a while I borrowed a Moog Source from my roommate and used it on recordings. It’s the quintessentially ‘warm,’ life-like analog tone,” he explains. “I want to check out some of the nerdier stuff: Synthesized Sounds & Voices with Malcolm Cecil, Masterclass with Nile Rodgers, and The Pioneers of Electronic Musical Instruments with Don Buchla.”

Below, we present, in no particular order, our most anticipated acts of Moogfest 2014 (which, of course, include both The Crystal Ark and Metro Area). And if you happen to be stuck in NYC next week, fear not — we’ve also included tips on where to catch some of our favorite artists in our very own hometown in the near future…


Playing in NYC: April 26 at 1260 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

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Playing in NYC: April 19 Gavin Russom DJ set at The Graham (our monthly glitterballnyc.com party!)

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Playing in NYC: May 16 (with Blondes) at the American Museum of Natural History
& Darshan Jesrani DJ set April 19 at the303

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Playing in NYC: Um, you JUST missed them in early April :/…

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Playing in NYC: Sadly, nothing confirmed at the moment

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Playing in NYC: April 22 (with The Orb) at Highline Ballroom
& May 16 (with Metro Area) at the American Museum of Natural History

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Playing in NYC: April 23 at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Playing in NYC: May 3 (with Mike Simonetti) at Le Bain

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Playing in NYC: May 7 at Verboten

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Playing in NYC: April 26 at Terminal 5

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Playing in NYC: April 26 (with Audion & Tim Sweeney) at Verboten

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Playing in NYC: Nothing scheduled at the moment, unfortunately

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