Recovered from your Fourth festivities yet? (Kudos to Fourth World, Love Terrace at Cape House, Fixed at Good Room, and The Lot Radio’s massive block party for helping us through the long weekend!) Read on for a few FYIs below, then jump down for our list of recommendations for where to head this weekend. We’re […]

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Apologies again for our brief hiatus, but Europe called and we spent some time checking out dancefloors in Belgrade and Berlin… (Shoutouts to KC Grad, 20/44, Bohnengold, Chalet, and Renate!) To make up for the break, we’ve put together a pretty comprehensive guide to July 4th weekend festivities for you (below). First, we’ve got a […]

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Jun 152017

We’ll be on a brief (vacation-related) hiatus until the end of June. Until then, we’ve got some fine event recommendations on the calendar for you. See you back on the dancefloor in July!

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Looks like summer is officially on its way… and, as one is apt to do this time of year, we’ll be heading out of town for some R&R. Thus, we regret that we’ll be going on a brief hiatus until the end of the month, but are hoping to at least have some highly recommended […]

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If no news is good news, you’re in luck — however, we DO want to give you one quick heads up that super cheap ($5!) advance tickets are on sale now for next Saturday’s Rhythmic Discourse party at Secret Project Robot, featuring Lee Douglas (briefly back in town from Berlin!), Alex From Queens, our resident […]

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So you’re stuck in the city this holiday weekend while your friends are living it up in Detroit… You can still have a pretty damn good time with the ample parties going on in NYC over the next four days (and yes, there are rooftops, boats, parks, beaches, and more). Before we get into this […]

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We’re back with some quick news items for you before we jump into this week’s dancefloor recommendations. Come get “Italomatic” at Happyfun Hideaway tonight with our resident Facets and mscln — no cover all night! And for a taste of what you might expect tonight and/or at next Saturday’s (RA pick!) party at Good Room […]

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Readers, we offer our sincere apologies for abruptly disappearing last week… Suffice it to say, life stuff got in the way. We hope to make it up to you with this weekend’s stuffed calendar and our ample recommendations, listed below. It may not feel like summer, but the daytime outdoor parties are back (we’re looking […]

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Read on for our top picks for where to dance this weekend… including our first party at Jupiter Disco tomorrow night (4/29) with special guest Sasa Crnobrnja of In Flagranti (who we are massive longtime fans of), mscln, and our resident Facets. (No cover all night, from 10pm to 4am!) You can also catch Sasa […]

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Apologies for our less-than-prolific listings (and social media, news bullets, etc.) lately… Sometimes life gets pretty crazy, and the past month or so has been one of those times. That said, we’ll continue to try to bring you our top recommendations for your weekend dancing options every Friday, so please read on for our dancefloor […]

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