Whether he’s playing a stellar house/disco/techno DJ set at his Brooklyn Bass and Body Talk parties, writing/editing music articles for the Brooklyn Bass blog and other publications, handling promotions for Williamsburg’s Cameo Gallery, recording podcasts, or showing support for his fellow NYC musicmakers, Evan Michael is certainly one of New York City’s most dedicated music heads. Things come full circle on nights like tonight, when Brooklyn Bass — the party he started with friends Judge Wise and T’Angelo — has its monthly residency at Cameo Gallery — the venue he now works for:  Get all the details about tonight’s installment, which features a special set by Egyptrixx!

For a taste of what you’ll hear, have a listen to Evan Michael’s latest podcast, Brooklyn Bass 023:

Name: Evan Michael

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn





In 2012 …

The best thing that happened was:
To have the opportunity to take on the responsibility for promotions at Cameo Gallery

The thing that bummed me out the most was:
Missing out on buying in early on such massive 12”s like MAM’s “Crushed Ice” (FINA) or Bicep’s “$tripper”

I was most proud of:
The trajectory that Brooklyn Bass parties have taken. We’ve really seen a spike in the number of people coming out and losing their inhibitions to quality dance music. Each of the artists we choose to host has been carefully thought out and appreciated before deciding to include them in something as special as our monthly residency at Cameo.

The best track to play out:
Towards the tail end of the year, I really enjoyed playing Nhan Solo’s “Supervisor” (DISKO 010), due to its backyard BBQ vibe and VERY heavy bassline

The best track to play outside of a club:
I’m going to take this as more of an album that I enjoyed outside of a DJ set, and this really was El Perro Del Mar’s latest album, “Pale Fire.” I’ve followed Sarah Assbring’s career from the very beginning, and every time she releases new music it’s impressive to see where her influences take her.

My favorite NYC DJ:
I’d have to say Nooka Jones (Percussion Lab) is a real DJ’s DJ who plays many genres and sticks strictly to vinyl. I recently started a night with him called “BODY TALK” in honor of all things groovy, and things are really taking off.

My favorite DJs outside NYC:
All of my friends in L.A.! Shouts to Cooper Saver, Tres Dubois, and Julio at La Nuit!

My favorite NYC producer/musician:
This title has always been reserved for Marcos Cabral. I own most of his releases, and they’re always in my bag when I’m playing out. Marcos has a way with his original house productions, as well as quality disco reworks and edits, that are perfect for any scenario.

The best live set I saw:
No question, this has to go to Daniel Maloso (Cómeme), who Cameo Gallery brought in December. Daniel flew straight from Monterrey, Mexico, with a suitcase full of gadgets like the Sequential Circuits TOM and a Dave Smith Mopho, and absolutely killed it on stage. Stay tuned for the whole Cómeme roster, because these guys are doing things big! The Pachanga Boys were great live as well.

My favorite NYC venue:
Cameo Gallery! Hands down!

My favorite NYC party:
If I step outside from Brooklyn Bass and Cameo Gallery, I’d really have to say I enjoyed drinking beers and shooting the shit with Will Burnett [Willie Burns/Speculator] and Jeremy Rodriguez [Chupacabras] at their Fender Benders when they were at Loreley.

My “secret” spot:
Iona with my girlfriend, Nicole, on a lazy Sunday.

My choice for late night, post-gig food:
God, it’s a toss up between The Lovin’ Cup tater tots and polenta fries!

Best drink:
Canadian Club and soda. It’s what your dad drank.

My favorite NYC record store:
Ben Steidel always has the best selection at Co-Op 87! As do my good friends Zara and Albert at halcyon in DUMBO.

My favorite NYC radio station:
Newtown Radio and BIS Radio all day up in the Cameo Gallery office.

My favorite NYC-based label:
I’m really looking forward to Jacques Renault and Nik Mercer’s (Let’s Play House) new white label, Goodnight Moon.
In 2013 …
My New Year’s resolution:
Work on my dance moves. Right now I like to “row the boat.”

I’m most looking forward to:
Organizing more quality shows with the Cameo team.

Musically, I plan to:
I have big tracks brewing with my friend Simone. Look out, NYC dancefloors!

 04/12/2013  Features, News