To help get you pumped up for this Saturday’s eargasmic shindig at Cameo Gallery with Ben Mono and Gavin Royce (Walker & Royce), we’ve got a bit of insight from openers Soul 2 Seoul (Plant Music). The DJ duo, made up of NJ natives/serious music heads Turtle Bugg (Tajh Morris) and [Ctrl] (Phillip Chung), has been quickly racking up the on-fire gigs on its resume, having played with the heavy-hitter likes of Stretch Armstrong, Dominique Keegan (All Dom Wrong), Jus-Ed, and Djedjotronic at fine NYC establishments ranging from The Flat to Cielo to Bossa Nova Civic Club to Le Bain. 2013 looks set to bring more excellence from the pair — read on to find out what they dug (or didn’t) last year and where their sights are set for the future.

Name: Soul 2 Seoul a.k.a. Turtle Bugg + [Ctrl]

Neighborhood: Do or Die Bed-Stuy and Nu Joizey respectively

Label: Plant Music


Twitter: and

Website:,, and

Soundcloud: and

In 2012 …

The best thing that happened was: ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WE MET

The weirdest thing that happened was: Loreley BK

The thing that bummed us out the most was: The closing of SubMercer

The thing we were most proud of was: Playing at Cielo w/ DJ Jus-Ed

The best track to play out was:

The best track to play outside of a club was:

My favorite NYC DJ(s): Justin Strauss, Ron Morelli, Eli & Lloyd

My favorite DJ(s) outside NYC: Mike Huckaby & Kerri Chandler

My favorite NYC producer/musician(s): Willie Burns made some of the more interesting tracks coming out of NYC.

My favorite NYC venue was: SubMercer

My favorite NYC party was: Anywhere people are dancing and bottle service is at a minimum

My biggest pet peeve about going out in NYC was: Waiting for these damn clubs to open

My choice for late night, post-gig food was: Halal dude on 14th + 1st!

My favorite NYC record store was: Halcyon & Dope Jams

My favorite NYC radio station was: 107.5 WBLS, but we miss 98.7 KISS FM

My favorite NYC-based label was: PLANT MUSIC ALL DAY YA HEARD?!?!

In 2013 …

Our New Year’s resolution is: Blow the fawk up

We’re most looking forward to: Playing record

Our wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene is: Stop asking us for Avicii and Swedish House Mafia, yah?!

Our prediction is: A bunch of new mind-blowing, life-changing bullshit

Musically, we plan to: Jazz it up

 03/28/2013  Features, News