Singer. Dancer. Writer. DJ. Filmmaker. Artist. Is there anything the multi-talented Viva Ruiz can’t do? As an integral part of NYC disco mystics The Crystal Ark, she positively radiates with good vibes on stage while transporting audiences to some cosmic dancefloor that’s simultaneously ancient and futuristic. With their excellent recent self-titled release on DFA Records, a slew of DJ dates, and some of the most innovative artistic projects you’re likely to hear about (like this), 2013 is sure to be huge for The Crystal Ark.

Get a taste of both Ruiz’s musical AND filmmaking talents in The Crystal Ark’s “We Came To” video below:

Catch Ruiz and The Crystal Ark family tonight at Roseland Ballroom alongside Hot Chip and Tanlines, and keep checking the calendar for future dates.

Name: Viva Ruiz

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Label: DFA




In 2012 …

The best thing that happened:
Romney did NOT win

The thing that bummed me out the most:
Politics. The phrase “Legitmate Rape”

I was most proud of:
The Crystal Ark LP and video

My favorite NYC DJs:
Gavin Russom, Will Automagic, Nita Aviance, Kim Ann Foxman, Tim Sweeney, Ron Like Hell

My favorite DJs outside NYC:
Tyler Pope, Janine Rostron (Planningtorock), Andy Baumecker

My favorite NYC producer/musician:
Gavin Russom

The best live show I saw:
Kraftwerk at the MOMA — Trans Europe Express night

My favorite NYC venue:
One-off loft/warehouse parties and Riverside for the Converse music series they did this summer

My favorite NYC party:
BASSMENT at the Monster, SPANK,  XANADUDE, VANDAM, WESTGAY, WRECKED, everything Seva Granik or Marie Karllberg put together

The best afterparty I went to this year:
Chez Moi, alwayzzz

The best trend:

The worst trend:
The usual gentrified, out-of-touch b.s.

My choice for late night, post-gig food:
ESQUINA/any bodega

Best drink:
Club Mate in Berlin

My favorite NYC radio station:

My favorite NYC-based label:
D – (M)F – A

In 2013 …

My New Year’s resolution:
Be happy make beautiful things make music dance to music

The up-and-coming DJ or producer I have highest hopes for:
The Carry Nation

I’m most looking forward to:
Playing with the band, everywhere

My wish for NYC’s nightlife/dance music scene:
Hmmmm. Be kind to each other

My prediction:
We’re going to dance a lot this year

Musically, I plan to:
All of it, yes, everything

 04/09/2013  Features, News