This summer hasn’t been kind to NYC’s music scene: Hot on the heels of no-more-music at the likes of subMercer and Dekalb Market, we’re very bummed out to hear about the sudden end of events at Loreley BK, the Williamsburg beergarden/restaurant that had been hosting parties from Verboten, Let’s Play House, Summertime Rolls, Fender Bender, and countless others since early this year. It was a good run, albeit a prematurely short one… We’re crossing our fingers for some new great venues to spring up (and are feeling extra hopeful about some of the new dance clubs set to open sometime in ’13 in Williamsburg), and in the meantime are taking solace in the tons of great things still going in and around the city. Tonight is a little light, while Saturday is certainly making up for that with an insane amount of options. Following are all the best goings-on (in our humble opinion) over the next four days; as always, the events marked with ** are those we have the most love for. Check out the calendar for more. See you on the dancefloor…








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 08/10/2012  News