Who needs Art Basel when you’ve got New York City? We’ve got the best of the best for this weekend nicely outlined for you below (and yes, our “shortlist” is a little long this time, but we had a lot of trouble whittling things down with so much musical excellence going on). We’re also very psyched about the grand opening of Bossa Nova Civic Club in Bushwick (1271 Myrtle Avenue): we’re hearing very promising things about the set-up and the line-ups for the first two weekends feature some heavy hitters like Kim Ann Foxman, Steve Summers, Mike Simonetti, Eli Escobar, Justin Miller, Populette, and more &#8212 all for free! Definitely keep this one on your radar.

As always, the events that get our most glowing recommendations are marked by **. (For the big picture, check out our calendar.)

Friday, December 7


Saturday, December 8


Sunday, December 9


More found at the full calendar here.
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 12/07/2012  News