We have, sadly, returned from the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen to the filthy-snow-covered tundra known as Brooklyn… While we missed a lot of great music last weekend, we still managed to find some pretty excellent DJ sets in PDC (our former stomping grounds circa 2010). Don’t let the hype fool you: While there is definitely less happening there than during BPM, the rest of the year can be more satisfying for dancing on the beach or in a club (or, if you’re lucky, the jungle). Planning a trip? We highly recommend you hit up Canibal Royal by day, Rufino Mezcal and Ula Gula for some open-air bar lounging (or eating), and La Mezcalinna and La Santanera for late night. Also keep in mind that you’re likely to find nice DJ sets in some pretty small and random places in Playa, which can sometimes make for the best times!

DJ Mar-C at Canibal Royal

La Santanera

La Mezcalinna

Now back to reality for some quick news updates:

Our top dancefloor picks for the next three days are outlined below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also check out our calendar for the full list of what’s going on. See you on the dancefloor…

Friday, February 6


Saturday, February 7


Sunday, February 8


More at the full calendar here.
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 02/06/2015  News