January 2017. We just can’t even. More news and features and a 2016 wrap-up are coming, but unfortunately not this week… (One quick PSA: Seems the authorities have been giving some of our favorite venues a hard time… so be aware and check the latest on the respective club’s/promoter’s/artist’s social media before you head out the door or from one destination to the next to be sure things have not moved or shut down. We’re keeping our fingers crossed things will improve, but for now, heads up… Sigh.)

We invite you to check out our top weekend dancefloor recommendations below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also visit our calendar for the full list of what’s happening. See you on the other side…

Friday, January 13
Saturday, January 14
Sunday, January 15
More at the full calendar here.
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 01/13/2017  News