We made it through to 2017… and it’s kinda more of the same, right? Nevertheless, we hope you had as excellent of a NYE as we did: HUGE thanks to the stellar staff at Trans-Pecos, the amazing artists who played (Patrick Russell, Willie Burns, Amourette, Maroje, and Facets), and all the dancers who brought super good vibes from start to finish! We think it was our best NYE party yet! (Although the party’s over, the Q&As each DJ did for us are still worth a read!)

Unfortunately, we heard that a few NYE events didn’t have such good luck and were unexpectedly shut down by the authorities for a range of “excuses.” You’ll likely see a lot less “secret location” parties in the coming weeks — it remains to be seen how our underground music community will adapt if this becomes the status quo…

The first week of January being what it is, we have been unable to fulfill our promise to get our list of 2016 favorites up (yet), but you can have a listen to some sonic superiority in Our Favorite 80 Tracks of 2016 list. We also hope to resume our regular news updates next weekend.

For now, take a look at our top weekend recommendations for dancing below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also visit our calendar for the full list of what’s happening. Catch you on the dancefloor…

Friday, January 6
Saturday, January 7
Sunday, January 8
More at the full calendar here.
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 01/06/2017  News