Hmm … The past week has seen some real high points (like Nile Rodgers & The Chic Organization playing a phenomenal live set last night at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park) and some real lows (someone please tell us this isn’t really the end of subMercer…). Perhaps as a direct result of these and other rollercoaster vibes, this weekend is looking a little less jam-packed than usual — you’ve still got options, but maybe you won’t feel as run ragged by all there is to do and get to sleep in a little longer. Recharge now, because lots of big stuff is coming in August!

Following are all the best goings-on (in our humble opinion) over the next four days; as always, the events marked with ** are those we have the most love for. Check out the calendar for more.

See you on the dancefloor…









More found at the full calendar here.
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 07/26/2012  News