There is no better time to celebrate than this very weekend, whether you’re doing it in the name of the first day of summer, the longest day of the year/solstice, Swedish Midsommer, the Supermoon, graduation, your dog’s birthday, the new season of True Blood, etc., etc. The weather forecast is SPECTACULAR, so get out there and make the most of all the dancing opportunities on rooftops and patios under the sun and/or stars. (We’ve unscientifically calculated that from 3pm Friday until 10pm Sunday in NYC, you could be cutting a figurative rug al fresco, with the only breaks being the hours of 4am–2/3 pm — perfect for that sleep/shower/brunch time, right? And if you have friends in high places — i.e., who live in buildings with rooftop access — you could probably do that whole three-day stretch in the open air…)

In other glitterballnyc news, we were pretty psyched to be featured in a very nice Brooklyn Exposed article this week (and in some fine company, we might add) — check it out here. We’re also looking forward to co-hosting a soiree next Friday at one of our favorite places — Kinfolk Studios — with some of our favorite NYC DJs: Chupcabras, Max Barabas, and Facets. Join us for some serious dancefloor action and good vibes — and, as per usual at Kinfolk, there is NO cover!

Back to the matter at hand: We shortlisted all the best events of the weekend for you below (as always, the events that get our most glowing recommendations are marked by **), but you can also check out our calendar for the full list of what’s goin’ on. See you on the dancefloor!

Friday, June 21


Saturday, June 22


Sunday, June 23


More found at the full calendar here.
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