Don’t let the heat get you down… (Even if you wasted your Wednesday night standing in sweltering heat on Kent Ave. only to get shut out of House of Vans — while we love The Rapture, Tanlines, and JDH & Dave P, it would have been nice for the hundreds of us waiting hours outside to have been told early on we weren’t getting in. Has Vans never heard of closing an RSVP when you hit the number of people the venue can fit? Guess they couldn’t resist all that extra publicity…) But we digress: The forecast for this weekend looks pretty lovely, so get out there and enjoy some music outside if you can. Here are our recommendations for the next four days; as always, the events marked with ** are those we have the most love for. Check out the calendar for more, and see you on the dancefloor…










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 06/21/2012  News