We’re still a week away from July 4th, yet the summer festivities are already in full swing. Below, we list out our top weekend dancefloor recommendations from the plethora of events on our bursting calendar (be sure to check that too for the full range of great options). Before we get into all that, we present you with the following news:

Below are our top picks for where to dance in NYC over the next three days (as always, the most essential events are marked by **); you can also check out our calendar for the full list of what’s going on. Stay tuned for both our 4th of July weekend dancefloor picks, as well as our (um, slightly overdue) Movement Detroit coverage. In the meantime, catch you on under the glitterball…
Friday, June 26
Saturday, June 27
Sunday, June 28
More at the full calendar here.
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 06/26/2015  News