So by the looks of our jam-packed calendar, e’erbody must be back in the City from Austin and Miami (and hasn’t yet left for Coachella, Detroit, etc., etc.). Scroll down a bit for where we suggest you spend your precious weekend hours. We’ve also recently posted a bunch of pretty excellent Q&As with some of NYC’s finest (several of whom you can catch on the decks this very weekend). In case you missed ’em:

(And we saved two of the best for last: Our Q&As with The Crystal Ark’s amazing Viva Ruiz and Brooklyn Bass’ Evan Michael are coming VERY soon! By the way, yes, some of these are still our superlate “2012 in Review” features in disguise, but we’re sure you can’t blame us for the freshening up — and hey, the interview content is still highly relevant!)

Check out our top picks below (as always, the events that get our most glowing recommendations are marked by **), or visit the full calendar for the full list of what’s goin’ on. In the meantime, we’ll catch you on the dancefloor!

Friday, March 29


Saturday, March 30


Sunday, March 31


More found at the full calendar here.
Are we missing your favorite party? Hit us up here:
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