Advance apologies if the Saturday night events on our calendar look a little off this week… We have some good news and some bad news about why that is: The bad news is that we’re losing an hour of party time “early Sunday morning” (a.k.a. the final hours of our Saturday night out) because of Daylight Savings Time, but the GOOD news is that Daylight Savings also provides a beacon of hope that SPRING IS REALLY COMING! Along with that will come all of those boat and rooftop and all-day-long events you’ve really, really been longing for… so hold tight, NYC people! We are nearing the home stretch… (If you can’t hold out… hurry book yourself an outta town, nice-climate trip to SXSW (Austin, 3/11-3/16), Winter Music Conference (Miami, 3/21-3/30), Coachella (Palm Springs, 4/11-4/13 and 4/18-4/20), or, our fave pick this year (more on this coming soon), Moogfest (Asheville, NC, 4/23-4/27).

Your recommendations for the next three days follow below (as always, the most essential events are marked by **) — you can also check out our calendar for the full list of what’s goin’ on. See you out there!

Friday, March 7


Saturday, March 8


Sunday, March 9


More found at the full calendar here.
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 03/06/2014  News